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The Smarter Healthcare Partners office staff dressed up for Find Your Inner Nerd Day.

Above: Find Your Inner Nerd Day 2023 at the SHCP offices.

Our Mission:

To provide healthcare professionals with the most rewarding employment experience possible.

Why did the healthcare staffing industry need another agency?

Too many healthcare staffing agencies prioritize profit. That’s why our founders, Trevor, Jessica, and Ryan, created Smarter Healthcare Partners–to prioritize people. We provide nurses and allied health professionals with the highest pay and best benefits possible. We form meaningful, long-lasting relationships with each and every clinician. At SHCP, every person on your personal team knows your name–and you know theirs.

We don’t aspire to be the biggest agency. We aim to be the smartest partner for you.

The Smarter Healthcare Partners team supports you on every step of your journey. First, our staffing specialists work one on one with you to find assignments aligned to your individual needs. Then, our compliance coordinators compile your licenses, tests, and any required documentation to keep everything on track for an on-time assignment start. They can even schedule appointments on your behalf. This means that you can get required testing done all in one place whenever its convenient. Finally, our payroll team pays you on time and every week. They also track and distribute your referral and perpetual bonuses. We will never treat you like a number. At Smarter Healthcare Partners we work for you.
A candid photograph of Ryan, Jessica, and Trevor, Co-Founders and Managing Partners at Smarter Healthcare Partners, holding a meeting.

We custom-built our team to meet your needs.

Our experts are equipped to meet your local or travel assignment needs. We commit to delivering the best service in the travel nursing and allied health industry. We've built our team--your team--to meet that goal. For a more personalized experience, visit the Meet Your Team page to learn about the people behind Smarter Healthcare Partners.
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