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Smarter about compliance.

Credentialing support to qualify you quickly for assignments.

Shelley and Lindsey from the SHCP compliance team.

Above: Shelley and Lindsey from the SHCP Compliance Team.

Travel and local assignment clinicians need specific documents and certifications to qualify for assignments. Your personal compliance coordinator will work with you to make the process as quick and painless as possible. They will leverage tools such as our Lab Work Concierge—a system that books appointments for you around your schedule.

How can we help with credentialing?

Each facility has its own set of requirements for travel nurses and allied health professionals to qualify for travel assignments. Your personal compliance coordinator will give you the information you need and keep you updated on important deadlines. They will streamline the process to make sure you get through it on time with minimal hassle. Your coordinator can help you obtain required licenses and certifications. Frequently, these costs are covered by Smarter Healthcare Partners. In addition, your compliance coordinator can schedule appointments to get everything done whenever you are available, often all in one place.

Quick and easy clearance for medical compliance.

We'll schedule the necessary appointments for you, based on your availability. These are a few of the tests and documents that you will need in general to be compliant when starting a new assignment. Keep in mind that hospitals may have additional requirements specific to their facility.

Medical Documents

   - Physical
   - Proof of current TB test
   - Immunizations

Drug Screen

The panels and screenings required vary by facility, as do how recently and how often tests have to be completed.

Background Check

In most cases we can handle this for you.

Additional Documentation

Talk to your compliance coordinator about the specifics of your upcoming assignment. They will help you meet the qualifications of the facility you will be working in.

Coverage for your credentialing costs.

Achieve compliance at little or no cost to you. Often, Smarter Healthcare Partners covers the costs associated with starting a specific assignment. These might include obtaining new licenses or new certifications. We can also help pay for you to renew existing licenses and certifications. Speak to your personal compliance coordinator to learn more.

Smarter Healthcare Partners satisfies your requirements quickly so that you can get back to the things that really matter.

Get Started.

Registered Nurse Rebekah Pack petting a dog.
Rebekah Pack, RN
Med/Surg, Telemetry

Answers to your licensing questions.

Our experts will walk you through the certification process. Your compliance coordinator can help you with all things related to licensing and certification.

State Licenses (Nurses)

  • Determine which license(s) you need
  • Find out how you get them
  • Clarify in which instances you can use a compact license


  • Confirm which certifications you need, based on your specialty
  • Get recertified, or get certified for the first time
  • Figure out the best way to get all your required certifications at once, whenever possible

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