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Smarter about bonuses - PERPETUALLY.

Earn unlimited bonuses for referrals.

No cap on referrals. No cap on bonuses.

Earn a Referral Bonus for each friend or colleague who gets hired for a travel nursing or allied healthcare assignment at Smarter Healthcare Partners. Then, receive a Perpetual Bonus each time the clinician you referred extends for another assignment.

Referral and Perpetual bonuses by specialty.

This is a breakdown of the bonuses you can receive based on the specialty of the registered nurse or allied health professional that you refer. Referral Bonuses are awarded when the referred clinician completes their first assignment. Perpetual Bonuses are awarded for every subsequent travel or local nursing or allied health assignment that the referred clinician completes. See below for more details regarding rules and eligibility.

Spread the word.

Bonuses are awarded according to your referral’s specialty.

$1000 Referral Bonus / $500 Perpetual Bonus

$500 Referral Bonus / $250 Perpetual Bonus

Rules and Eligibility

Referrals qualify if they meet these criteria.

When do I get paid?

Referral Bonuses - We add your bonus to your paycheck the week after your referral completes their first assignment.

Perpetual Bonuses - Continue to get paid the week after each subsequent assignment your referral completes. You continue to qualify for unlimited Perpetual Bonuses as long as no more than 90 days pass between assignments.

Refer your friend or colleague:

A close up of a pair of hands filling a box with travel nursing welcome gifts.

Begin qualifying for Referral and Perpetual Bonuses

When your friend or colleague accepts their first assignment, you get a bonus, we get to work for another incredible clinician, and your referral receives a special welcome gift to get them started on their first contract. Everyone wins.

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