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Featured Locations: Peoria, Illinois

The oldest community in Illinois with a population of 112,936, Peoria is equal distance from Chicago and St. Louis. Peoria enjoys an enviable standard of living, exciting venues, safe streets, quality and quantity shopping, its own symphony and ballet, Broadway Theater League, museums, art guilds, first-class medical facilities, the nation's oldest community theater and oldest Santa Claus parade.*

Peoria travel nursing and allied health jobs:

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Estimated Weekly Pay
Estimated Weekly Pay
Smarter Healthcare Partners was founded in 2018 as a partnership between highly-experienced staffing specialists in the Travel Nursing and Allied Health Industry with a goal of creating a better path for clinicians. Our approach comes from many years of healthcare experience – bridging deep knowledge with strong industry ties as well as a trusted and proven track record. When you choose Smarter Healthcare Partners you will be working with a dedicated Staffing and Compliance Team with direct access to world-class positions at facilities all over the country. Start your journey with an exploration of Peoria travel nursing and allied health jobs, then tap or click the apply now button to begin a conversation via phone, text, or email with one of our staffing managers.

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